How to Conduct an Online Board Meeting

online board meeting

A board meeting that is online is an ideal method for your organization to run productive meetings without the physical restrictions of a traditional gathering. Utilizing an online board meeting tool can allow you to reduce time and money by eliminating travel expenses, as well as the need for manual processes such as recording attendance and writing minutes. This will allow you to expand the number of members on your board by including those who are unable to attend in person.

Getting started with an online board meeting can be easy, though you’ll be required to provide every participant with the appropriate link prior to the meeting. You might want to distribute an invitation to a test meeting to your members prior the first one to ensure that their equipment is in good working order.

A clear agenda is essential for the success of a virtual board meeting. Include a ‘any other issues item to cover all issues that aren’t covered in the meeting. This helps keep your agenda moving in the right direction and boost productivity.

Be sure that all of your discussions are scheduled with the appropriate time limit and the desired conclusion for each. This will give your board members a sense of order and help you make the meeting go by quickly.

If you provide all attendees with copies of your agenda and any other pertinent documents, they will be prepared to share their knowledge. Also, you should consider using video conferencing for your board meetings to increase engagement and allow attendees to read the body language of their fellow attendees to better understand non-verbal communication.

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